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Thanks for visiting LimosUSA.com™, the world’s official directory of Entertainment Services online™.

LimosUSA.com is a FREE website created specially for you, the visitor, searching for an entertainment service for your event in your area. Our worldwide database of entertainment services (Disc Jockeys, Photographers, Videographers, wedding planners, etc.) has been engineered to help you easily search and view a list of the most up-to-date services available for your wedding, company party, corporate event, bar/bat Mitzvah, school function, and others.

Search our entertainment directory for everything you need to know about our vendors of entertainment worldwide. This web site is designed to make finding an entertainment service easy. We have also taken great care to make your visit to LimosUSA.com as quick, simple, and informational as possible.

LimosUSA.com LLC, a subsidiary of Starr World Enterprises, LLC. Our headquarters are located in beautiful-sunny Scottsdale, Arizona.

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Who thought of this?

LimosUSA.com was conceived, researched, developed and funded solely by entrepreneur, Andrew Starr. Andrew has many years of experience in the music entertainment world. He used his knowledge and years of experience to put LimosUSA.com online and available to you.


Since 1983, Andrew has had much success and many years of experience in the mobile DJ business (owner & operator, plus wedding, company, & school DJ); Nightclub owner (Scottsdale, AZ & Denver, CO); nightclub head DJ; Pioneering, creating, and producing worldwide syndicated weekly radio programs; Managing a record label, plus other businesses. More on “Andrew Starr” click here.

The pioneers of radio “mix” shows:

Most notably, our founder, Andrew is known as the original owner and co-creator of Hot Mix Radio Network along with business partner (1985-95) Dave Rajput (originally from Chicago). Dave and Andrew took their local weekend radio "mix" show, initially heard in Phoenix, Arizona, and syndicated the program though-out the USA, and eventually around the world. "Hot Mix" was the first radio program of it's kind ever heard on radio stations in most US cities and countries worldwide. The creation of “Hot Mix” has paved the way for what is standard/generic radio programming heard today on Hit music radio stations every weekend, globally! More on “Hot Mix” click here.

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